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- April 2011

Heat Pumps: Clearing up confusion over eco incentives 10 April 2011
As the heat pump industry tries to understand the full implications of the Renewable Heat Incentive announcement from the Government, particularly relating to air source heat pumps, John Kellett looks at lessons that can be learnt from both this and from other studies.

Heat Pumps: Pump up the volume... 10 April 2011
Heat pumps involve a different approach to system design compared with other heating systems, says Stephen Andrews.

Heat Pumps: Why heating and ac are set to converge 10 April 2011
Both heating and air conditioning installers can expect to benefit from the opportunities thrown up by convergence of the two sectors in heat pumps, according to Garry Broadbent.

Company Focus: Keys to unlocking the true design intent of a building 10 April 2011
The more knowledge the consultant has of the operational performance of the building he or she is designing, the more likely a successful outcome, says Dr Alan Jones. Ian Vallely reports.

Contractor Focus: The middle man who brings it all together 10 April 2011
It is no longer enough for distributors simply to supply products. The aim today is to solve customers' problems - which can mean a total design and technical support solution for the contractor. Pipe Center's Roger Hoskins is pioneering a new approach.

Burning Issue: Moisture content critical to biomass efficiency 10 April 2011
The BS EN 14961 standard has big implications for natural wood biomass fuel suppliers and end users as well as to biomass installers, says Michael Barber-Starkey.

Health & Safety: CO poisoning gets the soap opera treatment 10 April 2011
It is ironic that carbon monoxide poisoning has finally achieved nationwide prominence at a time when the statistics suggest we are getting on top of the problem, says Bob Towse.

Fans & Ventilation: Marrying air quality and energy efficiency 05 April 2011
Demand control ventilation offers a range of solid benefits, according to Alan Macklin.

Fans & Ventilation: Manual v automatic windows go head-to-head 05 April 2011
A recent study has for the first time directly compared the performance of automatic windows with manual windows in a natural ventilation system. Richard Arnott explains.

Fans & Ventilation: EC motor boosts fan efficiency 05 April 2011
Flakt Woods now offers a box fan range that incorporates EC motors, which help deliver higher fan efficiencies and lower energy consumption. The EC TwinBox fan, which has integral controls, delivers air volumes up to 1.7 m3/s, against static pressures of up to 870 Pa.

Water Heating: Leveraging a building's total energy efficiency 05 April 2011
Recent legislative developments are prompting commercial property operators to re-evaluate their building services installations. Jeff House examines the opportunities.

Water Heating: Hot contractor opportunity 05 April 2011
M&E contractors and consultants that can offer water heating solutions as part of the specification process can position themselves as knowledgeable and competitive players in today's difficult market. Nick Taylor outlines the most popular types of water heating solutions.

Water Heating: Suitable case for treatment 05 April 2011
Hospitals present particular challenges in terms of water heating, as Ian Vallely discovered.

Water Heating: Integration of solar thermal and gas-fired systems 05 April 2011
Careful consideration should be given to the complete water heating system, including the use of traditional fossil-fuel water heaters, says David Pepper

Water Heating: Solar system exploration 05 April 2011
The use of water heating / solar packages can help meet the requirements of Part L as well as satisfying the customer's desire to be 'green'. Jon Cockburn explains.

HVAC in Education: Water conditioning boosts plant reliability 05 April 2011
Water conditioning and its control are critical to achieving efficient, reliable operation and longevity of plant, according to Martin Wilkinson.

HVAC in Education: Why CHP is a class act in the education sector 05 April 2011
Combined heat and power has traditionally been associated with industrial sites. However, advances in the technology are opening it up to a wider market. Chris Sears reports.

HVAC in Education: School gets 'excellent' marks for sustainability 05 April 2011
Teachers and staff at the Manor Primary School in Swanscombe, Kent have had to go through a steep learning curve as they get used to life in a sustainable school, explains Martin Burton.