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- March 2011

Ventilation: Semi-rigid ductwork saves time and money 29 March 2011
Specifiers are becoming more attuned to the need to design buildings to higher standards than the minimum requirement. John Kelly explains why.

Ventilation: On-demand ventilation offers breath of fresh air 29 March 2011
On-demand ventilation with energy recovery makes perfect sense, says Nygel Humphrey.

Commercial Heating: Radiating success 29 March 2011
A new report aims to debunk a number of 'myths' surrounding steel panel radiators

Commercial Heating: Biomass - Can you see the wood for the trees? 29 March 2011
Biomass has a bright future thanks to Government initiatives designed to encourage the use of renewables, according to Steve Dolby.

Commercial Heating: Curtain raiser 29 March 2011
Air curtains can be used for a range of applications from shop doorways to warehouses, says Duncan Buxton.

Air Conditioning World: Taking care of climate control in offices 29 March 2011
Developments in air conditioning systems are taking climate control for the office environment to new levels of comfort, energy management and design, says Richard Lockwood.

Air Conditioning World: Ensuring the 'business fitness' of a retrofit 29 March 2011
There are several key points to consider when choosing the right air conditioning units to install. Steve Robinson explains.

Air Conditioning World: Taking great comfort from high efficiency 29 March 2011
While many engineers may seek to design out air conditioning there are still many buildings where this remains the only option for maintaining comfort levels. So the important thing is to ensure that it's efficient, says Dean Ward.

Commercial Heating: CRC - Staying a step ahead 29 March 2011
The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme will change the ways in which large organisations manage energy consumption. Richard Evans sets out the key considerations for hvac contractors and consultants.

Commercial Heating: Cheap and cheerful? It's a false economy 29 March 2011
There may be a temptation to specify cheap flues, but are you sure they'll do the job and, even if they do, how long will they last? Sami Caglar believes he has the answer.

Company Focus: Damage is caused by legislative uncertainty 29 March 2011
Delays to crucial legislation that is set to have an enormous impact on the renewables sector is particularly frustrating to Vokèra's Robert Lockhart, as Ian Vallely explains.

Contractor Focus: Perfect partnerships offer a workload boost 29 March 2011
To survive and thrive in a fiercely competitive market, contractors will have to display versatility and imagination, says Cofely's Brent Hyde-Smith. Ian Vallely reports.

Burning Issue: It really does pay to train 29 March 2011
In order to deliver the best solutions to its customers, the h&v industry needs to ensure its workforce has the right skills. Apprenticeships are the obvious solution, says Adrian Walker.

Ventilation: Build tight, ventilate right 21 March 2011
Bespoke ventilation solutions offer real benefits, says Steve Mongan.

Ventilation: Designs on a modern ventilation system 18 March 2011
Installing sustainable ventilation requires knowledge of the building and of the technological options available, as Cliff Jones explains.