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- November 2011

Energy Management: Making the right connections wirelessly 09 November 2011
Innovation in wireless sensor technology can save installation time and reduce costs in new controls projects as well as opening up new retrofit opportunities for the building services sector, says Alan Braybrook.

Energy Management: Convection affection 09 November 2011
A huge number of fan convectors is available for the commercial market. Jim Bennett outlines the options.

Energy Management: ASHP retrofit made easier 09 November 2011
Air source heat pumps have not always been suitable for retrofit applications. Robert Lockhart looks at how new developments are changing this.

Energy Management: It pays to adopt a balanced approach to hvac circuits 09 November 2011
Many building managers agree that indoor climate problems often surface as complaints from tenants. David Hudson explains the importance of circuit balancing.

Energy Management: Lower energy use designs 09 November 2011
Meeting the challenges of reducing energy usage in buildings and meeting future low carbon requirements are central to today's building services design. Mike Burke explains.

Space Heating: A radiant solution for attractive savings 09 November 2011
One technology often overlooked as an energy efficient solution to heating/cooling large spaces is radiant. Louise Harris looks at the energy saving potential of ceiling-mounted radiant heating and cooling systems.

Space Heating: Keeping up to the MARC 09 November 2011
Low water temperatures and radiators are a smart combination, says John Colling.

Space Heating: Radiators - a cool option 09 November 2011
One thing we have come to expect of radiators over the years is that they are pretty hot, but all that is changing, says Chris Edwards.

Chilled Beams: Change is in the air with new sustainability standard 09 November 2011
With their high efficiency and ability to harness free cooling, chilled beams and ceilings are likely to set the new sustainable efficiency standard, predicts David Leatherbarrow.

Chilled Beams: Shining a light on a cool solution 09 November 2011
Chilled beams offer an effective cooling solution and can help reduce a building's energy footprint significantly, claims Wander ter Kuile.

Contractor Focus: Saving cash and the planet 09 November 2011
Forget climate change. Energy efficiency makes sense simply from a business perspective because it can offer dramatic cost savings, says Chris Webber of the Economist Intelligence Unit

Burning Issue: Beware the rumours surrounding refrigerants 09 November 2011
Unfounded rumour and speculation about the future of HFC refrigerants is starting to impact on consultants' decision-making, according to Simon Keel. And, he says, misinformation about the legal life expectancy of gases such R410A is resulting in consultants and designers altering specifications because of unnecessary concerns about their duty of care.

HVR Awards News: And the winners are... 09 November 2011
The second annual HVR Awards for Excellence ceremony saw well known industry names pitted against smaller companies for the prestige of winning an award in their sector.