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- January 2011

Pipes & Pipework: Lean, light, low-price pipework options 27 January 2011
While copper fittings remain top of the heap for pipework, many people are turning to plastic. However, says Kathleen Bramwell, a new generation of lighter steel push-fit options are taking on plastics at their own game by offering low prices and fast assembly.

Pipes & Pipework: Why it pays to prevent the dangers of pipe vibration 27 January 2011
Big problems can arise when pipework is not sufficiently isolated. Richard Collman explains the lessons that were learned from two recent projects.

Pipes & Pipework: Keeping sustainability in pipework alive 27 January 2011
New technologies such as multi-layer push or press-fit connections and their associated piping herald a new era in installation practice, says Simon Spridgeon.

Energy Efficiency: Engineers seek more 'off-Grid' solutions 27 January 2011
The industry will have to deliver a rapid increase in on-site microgeneration capacity to make up for the country's looming electricity shortage, says David Shaw.

Energy Efficiency: Time to take control of boiler efficiency 27 January 2011
With the latest generation of boilers already close to peak performance, future efficiencies in commercial heating systems will largely come from improved controls, says Paul Sands.

Energy Efficiency: Questionmark hangs over likely effectiveness of CRC 27 January 2011
The Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme has been transformed from a recycled payments scheme to a carbon tax, creating considerable uncertainty, says Armin Mayer.

Energy Efficiency: EC does it: Reducing energy in buildings 27 January 2011
The latest electronically commutated fan technology can offer up to 30 per cent lower energy consumption compared to AC fan technology, says Geoff Lockwood.

Contractor Focus: Compliance is critical to effective legislation 27 January 2011
A lack of compliance in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors is a matter of real concern to Graeme Fox, md of Specialist Mechanical Services, as Ian Vallely explains.

Burning Issue: Think about quality and cost will look after itself 27 January 2011
Returns can be seen within 12 months when water quality challenges are addressed effectively, says Bryan Barlow of Spirotech.