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- September 2010

Chilled Beams: Beaming in on new markets 12 September 2010
Iskender Gençer, product manager for chilled beams, Trox UK discusses the sea change that is taking place in this now mature market.

Chilled Beams: Fan coils v chilled beams 12 September 2010
Andrew Sargent, general manager of Advanced Air, examines the chilled beam market and the impact that a new generation of energy efficient ec fan coils could have on the demand for these systems.

Air Conditioning World: If an air conditioning system is more than 10 years old, beware... 12 September 2010
...warns Nick Campey, national accounts director at Wakins Hire, FM companies should urge their clients to stop prevaricating about a new system or they could find themselves getting more than a little hot under the collar if it breaks down.

Air Conditioning World: Double digit efficiencies for latest VRV technology
12 September 2010
It is now possible for buildings to achieve previously unheard of air conditioning efficiencies running into double figures. John Durbin, Daikin UK's engineering department manager, looks at how, by using whole-building-thinking design, outstanding efficiency levels can be achieved.

Air Movement: Sanyo R22 renewal rolls out 12 September 2010
The first R22 renewal systems to be installed in the UK have been successfully completed and are now providing high efficiency air conditioning at locations in the south of England.

Air Movement: Dimplex delivers dining comfort 12 September 2010
When an Oxford University college needed to improve comfort levels in a hard-to-heat dining hall, Dimplex's commercial heating experts came up with an efficient solution to keep students warm all year-round.

Air Movement: Natural ventilation - an energy efficient way of cooling a building 12 September 2010
Natural ventilation must be one of the most energy-efficient ways of cooling a building while providing reliable air flows.

Air movement: EBRD is a fan of VAV 12 September 2010
In early 2010, Fläkt Woods was contracted to upgrade 23 Variable Air Volume (VAV) fans ranging from 30 kW to 60 kW and four 30 kW cooling tower fans at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), at Exchange Square in London.

Air Movement: HEVAR show debut for EU compliant ECblue fan 12 September 2010
Les Fish of Ziehl-Abegg (right) outlines how the company has achieved EU- compliant efficiency well ahead of the deadlines.

Burning Issue: The role of burner efficiency in reducing emissions 12 September 2010
When it comes to being energy efficient, it is sometimes easy to forget the role of the burner and how modern technology can play a crucial part in reducing emissions. Mike Baker, burner division director for Nu-way, the burner division for Enertech, talks about the latest technologies and developments.

Company Profile: Gilberts celebrates golden anniversary 12 September 2010
Jonathan Haslam, managing director of the Blackpool-based firm, talks to Paul Braithwaite about the origins of the company, how it has changed to lead the market, what it is doing now and, more to the point, why he intends it should be around for the next 50 years.

Contractor Profile: Burning desire for biomass 12 September 2010
As a biomass sceptic, editor Paul Braithwaite felt it was his duty to talk to a biomass installation company to see whether his assumptions about biomass were right or wrong. He therefore arranged to visit Jo and Mick Atack, the management team who own and run Vertdegree, a biomass installation company in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Ant Wilson: Don't forget about the forgotten Building Regulations... 12 September 2010
Ant Wilson warns about Part J Combustion Appliances and Fuel Storage Systems, the forgotten Building Regulation Approved Document, which comes in effect on October 1