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- April 2010

Water Heating: A versatile commodity 08 April 2010
Who needs hot water? In a word - everyone, from the showers and taps we run at home and work, to the more demanding markets of food processing and farming. So it would seem that water heaters are not as niche as some would suggest.

Heat Pumps: A boost for commercial HW 08 April 2010
Heat pumps are well known for their effectiveness when used with low grade space heating applications. However, air source heat pumps also present great potential as a low carbon solution in assisting the production of hot water in commercial buildings. Jonathan Tedstone, LZC product manager for Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial, looks at the opportunities and benefits.

Building Services IT: Controlled collaboration 08 April 2010
Efficient project management can have a real impact on the profitability of a job. Colin Barnes of Collabor8online explains how low cost online collaboration and project management tools can make all the difference.

Heat Pumps: VRF heating takes ac industry straight into the boiler room 08 April 2010
The development of VRF heating-only systems by Mitsubishi Electric opens up the boiler room to the air conditioning industry and presents a serious challenger to gas, oil and even biomass boilers as the future of commercial heating. Philip Ord, product marketing manager, explains why this is an opportunity few air conditioning companies can afford to miss.

Heat Pumps: Performance and carbon saving 08 April 2010
This case study, provided by Neil Hudson of S&P Coils, is based on the use of heat pumps as the heat source and banks of radiant panels as the heat emitters to provide comfortable classroom conditions in schools designed to meet building bulletins 87 and 101.

Heat Pumps: How 1 + 1 = Code level 3 08 April 2010
Clyde Brown, managing director of water heating specialist Elson, discusses how the Code for Sustainable Homes, level three and above can be met with an air source heat pump and thermal store.

Heat Pumps: Householders step up for incentives 08 April 2010
Cameron Holroyd, commercial director of Kingspan Hot Water Systems, discusses how to get the most out of air source heat pumps.

Burning Issue: Why SEER, not EER, is the future 08 April 2010
Andrew Keogh, engineering manager with Carrier Air Conditioning, discusses how one simple S could help companies save thousands of pounds when it comes to installing air con.

Top of the Class: Windowmaster helps cut emissions at South Cheshire College 08 April 2010
WindowMaster is to supply and install an automated window control system for the new £57 million South Cheshire College.

Top of the Class: Salix offers schools funding for energy efficiency 08 April 2010
Alastair Keir, chief executive at Salix Finance, looks at how schools can reduce their environmental footprint by minimising energy use and the benefits that can be realised by those that do.

Top of the Class: Natural ventilation in class is up in the air 08 April 2010
Growing pressure on school budgets means more are looking towards natural ventilation as a way to meet indoor air quality targets without driving up energy costs. However, ventilation experts warn that the desire for low energy solutions may compromise classroom conditions and so impair learning.

Top of the Class: Learning with biomass 08 April 2010
Biomass offers a very effective heating solution for many schools but it's important to address the key practical issues that go with it. Andy Owens, biomass technical sales manager with Hoval, explains.

Top of the Class: Education - Something missing in school buildings 08 April 2010
Mike Malina, director of Energy Solutions Associates, and an energy auditor, urges schools to forget the green bling and concentrate on getting the basics right first.

Top of the Class: It's a testing time for CO2 in schools 08 April 2010
Monitoring carbon dioxide levels to adjust and control heating and air conditioning ventilation rate depending on the occupancy level of a building is a tried-and-tested method of minimising a building's energy use. Chris Dearden, managing director of Medem UK, explains.

Top of the Class: Why Medem's gas pressure proving system is a class act... 08 April 2010
Medem UK now gives a five year warranty on all Medem panels and a 10-year warranty when a system is commissioned by a Medem engineer.

Top of the Class: Lessons in how to create the right atmosphere 08 April 2010
Increasingly airtight school buildings can lead to a build-up of carbon dioxide in classrooms which can affect the concentration of pupils. However, ventilation systems incorporating carbon dioxide monitors can be designed to provide optimum indoor air quality to keep the children awake, says Chris Dearden, managing director of Medem UK.

Top of the Class: Old school with innovation 08 April 2010
Maidstone-based DSL provides service and maintenance for hundreds of school buildings, including the world's oldest school.

Top of the Class: A broad curriculum for building services design 08 April 2010
Anyone involved in the design of sustainable schools needs to take account of a wide range of different factors and guidelines. Ant Wilson and Katie Marsden of AECOM highlight some of the key issues.

Company Profile: Midtherm Engineering - the will to succeed naturally! 08 April 2010
Paul Braithwaite talks to Andy Brown, director of Midtherm Engineering, about natural ventilation, how to grow and diversify and be at the forefront of a business which is still in its infancy.

Contractor Profile: Selling up is the order for Jigsaw installers 08 April 2010
When Richard Percival started Jigsaw FM he went for any job he could find and sold extra services to the client. Two-and-a-half years on and he is still successfully selling up. And he only takes on engineers who will also sell to customers. Paul Braithwaite talks to the salesman turned installer.

Health & Safety Matters: Asbestos - the threat that will not go away 08 April 2010
A surge in the amount of refurbishment work in schools has brought an old foe back into the spotlight, says Bob Towse, head of technical and safety at the HVCA.

Legal Matters: Legislation could help to make it a happy birthday 08 April 2010
Fergal Dowling, head of employment law at national law firm Irwin Mitchell, discusses how the laws on age discrimination are in place to safeguard rights, even to the point of allowing a colleague to celebrate a special birthday without the jokes!

Ant Wilson: Vote for sustainability 08 April 2010
Your MP does not usually ask your opinion but election time is one of the few times he or she might turn up on your doorstep, so have your sustainability questions ready.

Editorial: Mix and match for the best energy solution 08 April 2010
We need more consultants and contractors who are familiar with all the technologies and how they work together, says Paul Braithwaite.

Water Heating: Hot water on tap 05 April 2010
According to Jon Cockburn, head of marketing for Heatrae Sadia, when selecting and installing water heating provision for a customer, point-of-use unvented systems will usually offer the best solution, particularly in situations where long pipe runs need to be avoided.

Water Heating: Long live the boiler! 05 April 2010
Ron Barker, group product manager at Ideal Boilers, explains why boilers still present the strongest solution for commercial and industrial applications.