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- December 2010

Chimneys & Flues: Flue cures made easy 27 December 2010
The chimneys and flues sector faces three main challenges over the coming year, says Robert Burke, president of the British Flue and Chimney Manufacturers' Association.

Renewables: It pays to keep FiT in commercial premises 27 December 2010
Feed-in tariffs offer a rapid payback when installing solar photovoltaic panels and other microgeneration technologies. But the benefits they can bring to businesses are less well publicised, says Clare Campbell.

Renewables: RHI - the environmental and economic benefits 27 December 2010
2010 has seen the beginning of what has been coined a 'green revolution.' Cameron Holroyd looks at the impact political legislation has on the heating and hot water industry.

Renewable Energy: Wood burners set to save social housing energy 27 December 2010
Modern high efficiency wood burning stoves use less energy to deliver more heat, according to Edward Henry. If multiplied across multiple units of social housing, there is the potential for these savings to be magnified and make a significant contribution to CO2 reduction.

Fans: Change is in the air over Parts F and L 27 December 2010
The changes to Part F and Part L of the Building regulations came into effect this October. Stephen Neild looks at the impact they are likely to have on the ventilation industry.

Fans: Fan decks benefit from energy-saving makeover 27 December 2010
The new Building Regulations Part L 2010 are putting greater focus on the design of super energy efficient fan decks, says Mick Holland.

Air Conditioning World: Design factors for decentralised ventilation 27 December 2010
Decentralised ventilation requires no false ceiling and means that the height of multi-storey buildings can be reduced. But the benefits don't stop there, says Trox UK's Barry Trewhitt.

Air Conditioning World: Address basic errors to boost operating efficiency 27 December 2010
Basic design flaws, user error and maintenance failings that result in poor operating efficiency can be addressed by appropriate legislation, says Space Air Conditioning's Mike Nankivell.

Air Conditioning World: R22 phase-out - It's time to take the opportunities 27 December 2010
Renewing existing R22 systems with high efficiency R410A systems represents a tremendous opportunity for installers and maintenance firms, says Sanyo Air Conditioners' Graham Wright.

Contractor Focus: Simplicity is the key to green project success 27 December 2010
Although he is deeply committed to low- and zero-carbon systems and solutions, the HVCA's recently-appointed head of sustainability, David Frise, believes that simplicity is the key to their successful implementation. Ian Vallely reports.

Work Practice Focus: Ormandy focuses on packaged plant 27 December 2010
Business development director, Murdo MacDonald of the Ormandy Group, explains that more clients are now opting for the prefabricated approach, and this means suppliers must focus on quality.

Work Practice Focus: School building projects are back on the menu 27 December 2010
The Government has thrown a lifeline to school building projects, and small-scale refurbishment work in particular, as part of the measures announced in its Comprehensive Spending Review.

Burning Issue: It's time we closed the ductwork stable door 27 December 2010
Lindab's Andy Watton believes the building services industry is far too complacent about the high rates of air leakage we are seeing from our ductwork systems.