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- January 2010

Contractor Profile:Become a building services engineer... 01 January 2010
And save the planet. AECOM boss Steve Hodkinson, believes building services engineering can make a huge difference. Here, he talks to Paul Braithwaite about saving the planet and jobs.

Editorial: HVR backs information overload campaign 01 January 2010
As anyone who reads my leaders or my blogs on will know, I am a wilting flower, says HVR editor Paul Braithwaite.

Ant Wilson: Just how wonderful was Copenhagen? 01 January 2010
My colleague, Richard John, AECOM Europe's head of sustainability, along with other business leaders presented the Copenhagen Communiqué to Gordon Brown in early December.

Health & Safety Matters: Sounding the wind alarm 01 January 2010
A growing storm about possible health issues linked to wind turbines must not be allowed to blow our renewables programme off track, says Bob Towse, head of technical and safety at the HVCA.

Legal Matters: May your god be with you 01 January 2010
Employers must respect the religious beliefs and non-beliefs of all employees. Fergal Dowling, head of employment law at Irwin Mitchell, warns that there are pitfalls which the unwary boss must guard against.

Company Profile: Caglar's lean, dream, flue-making machine 01 January 2010
Sami Caglar’s firm success in lean manufacturing is sending out the right signals, despite the recession. Paul Braithwaite talks to the managing director of SFL.

Burning Issue: Hot campaign brings boiler scrappage victory 01 January 2010
Months of campaigning by Mick Williams and the heating industry, was followed up with days of speculation before the Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling announced the introduction of a boiler scrappage scheme. Mark Kelly, CEO of the Baxi Group UK, looks at the proposed “Greener Boiler Incentive” and its implications for the UK heating market, installers and homeowners.