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- March 2009

Boom or bust: the difference 01 March 2009
'At last!' says HVR editor Paul Braithwaite in this month's editorial.

That's all I can say about the Olympic Development Authority's decision to ban retentions for its Tier 1 contractors.

The Ant Wilson Column: Yes we can but should we? 01 March 2009
Consultants needed to be involved at the planning and design stages. They need to consider all the issues whether they relate to building services or not if they are to find the right solution.

Health And Safety Matters: Handle with care 01 March 2009
Improving standards of safe refrigerant handling is usually portrayed as environmental measure – but it also has a crucial health and safety aspect, says Bob Towse, head of technical and safety at the HVCA.

Legal Matters: How to reward overtime 01 March 2009
Most of us do it. And many of us do it for free. But Fergal Dowling, head of employment law at Irwin Mitchell, explains that workers are worthy of their hire.

Contractor Profile: The accidental plumber 01 March 2009
Chris Ickemeyer, managing director of Technical Services Surrey, admits he gets excited at the prospect of a new engineering job but he is equally happy fixing a domestic boiler. Paul Braithwaite reports.

Burning Issue: Missing the obvious in boiler energy use 01 March 2009
Not enough is being done to optimise the performance of boiler plant and some very obvious measures are being overlooked, argues Tony Willis of Sabien Technology.

Company profile: Making millions the greener way 01 March 2009
PHIL HURLEY, managing director of NIBE UK, hit me with the controversial part of the interview first.

Commercial Heating: Pre-packaged systems 'don't cost the earth' 01 March 2009
Yan Evans, technical director for Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial, looks at the benefits of the modular prefabricated heating system as a means of cutting cost and carbon.

Commercial Heating: Remember the primary heat source 01 March 2009
Solar heating saves money and proves a company’s green credentials but don’t ignore the primary heat source, warns David Pepper of Lochinvar.

Commercial Heating: Underfloor efficiency 01 March 2009
Rex Ingram of Timoleon highlights the scientific evidence behind the change in the way we heat the commercial buildings of Britain.

Commercial Heating: High costs: the solution is on the roof 01 March 2009
Stefan Gautsch of Buderus discusses the potential savings in fuel costs and carbon emissions with solar thermal installations.

Commercial Heating: Condensing technology offers practical sustainability 01 March 2009
Condensing technology offers the most effective answer to our heating needs for a financially sustainable low-energy future, says Mark Northcott, director - commercial products at Broag.

Ventilation: Avoiding pitfalls in ventilation system design 01 March 2009
The Code for Sustainable Homes is putting increasing pressure on contractors and installers to ‘build tight, ventilate right’, writes Charlie Bisby, projects director for EnviroVent.

Ventilation: Improving efficiency in a cost-cutting world 01 March 2009

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Engineers are under pressure from clients who want to reduce costs wherever possible – which creates a challenge as energy legislation starts to bite, writes Paul Wenden of Fläkt Woods.

Fans protect property and your health 01 March 2009
Phil Hazelton from electrical accessories supplier GreenBrook outlines the advantages of installing the right extractor fans.