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- September 2008

Health & Safety Matters: Bulmers case is clear warning 01 September 2008
The hefty fine for Bulmers and the specialist contractor it employed to look after its cooling towers should make the whole industry sit up and take notice, says Bob Towse, head of technical and safety at the HVCA

The Deal Maker 01 September 2008
Sometimes a journalist comes across someone who can give a different take on contracting. Stephen Quant, vice president employee and industrial relations at Skanska, is one such person. Paul Braithwaite discusses a different aspect of m&e work with him

Burning Issue: Avoid scalding without TMVs 01 September 2008
Here’s a Burning issue: a Building Regulations review is intended to protect us from scalding ourselves. But Geoff Hobbs of Rinnai UK thinks thermostatic mixing valves are not the only solution.

Clearwater Revival 01 September 2008
Glen Simpson, UK manager of ENWA, the water treatment company has spent the last nine years working to clean up closed loop heating and cooling systems. And, if the increasing turnover and extra staff are anything to go by, he is not doing too badly. Paul Braithwaite reports

Air movement and ductwork: New rules on fire-proofing 01 September 2008
Significant changes are on the way for the specification and testing of fire-resistant ductwork. Brian James, technical director of Essex-based Fire Protection, gives HVR his views.

Legal Matters: Equality bill looks to create a fairer workplace 01 September 2008
PROPOSALS IN the form of a white paper for the Equality Bill for Great Britain were unveiled recently, writes Fergal Dowling, head of employment law at the Birmingham office of national law firm Irwin Mitchell.

HVR Renewables: Part Five Solar Thermal 01 September 2008
Taking a real shine to it- Solar hot-water heating is the solution of choice in helping deliver low-carbon-footprint buildings, according to Yan Evans, technical director at Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial.

ACW: High rolling twins take the lead 01 September 2008
David Dunn, commercial director of Toshiba Air Conditioning (UK), discusses the advance of inverter technology in VRF and looks at the development of twin rotary compressors.

ACW: Making school less cool 01 September 2008
Mike Elver, national accounts sector manager at Andrews Sykes Hire, discusses the need for students at schools to keep their cool – especially when it comes to taking examinations.

ACW: Taking the global perspective 01 September 2008
In the current period of economic uncertainty, LG Air Conditioning is making impressive progress towards sustainability. HVR talks to general manager Graham Hendra about what his company is doing on a global scale

ACW: Making do without the holy grail 01 September 2008
Why is the air-conditioning industry losing its nerve in the battle for the environmental high ground? It certainly seems to be losing the green issues PR battle. But there are alternative views out there in the industry.

ACW: All down to a split decision 01 September 2008
Record-breaking temperatures are now a summer tradition, which means a rise in demand for air-conditioning units. HVR looks at the latest advances in split systems.

Air movement and ductwork: Weapons of mass destruction 01 September 2008
Jeff Charlton introduces us to the silent killer potentially lurking in the damp, dark corners of our homes and offices – toxic mould. One fact stands out: prevention is definitely better than cure.

Air movement and ductwork: Breaking with convention 01 September 2008
In a recent BSRIA test, a new ductwork system outperformed the conventional approach. It cut installation time in half, significantly reduced air leakage, and cost less – all without the need for sealants.