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- July 2008

Burning Issue: A voice for the wilderness 01 July 2008
Paul Riding, Calor product development manager, asks you to spare a thought for people living in rural areas – they seem to have been largely ignored in the heated debate about energy efficiency

Contractor Profile: Its horizons keep on expanding 01 July 2008
HVR tries to keep up with ABS, and its executive director Kevin Selvester, as its success story unfolds – from dynamic duo to a company that commands contracts worth millions of pounds

Editors Comment: Govt must change funding for CHP 01 July 2008
I HAVE been talking to David Shaw, managing director of Baxi Senertec UK, which makes the Dachs CHP unit.

Health & Safety Matters: Safety is key to sustainability 01 July 2008
The new strategy for Sustainable Construction must have workplace safety at its heart, says Bob Towse, head of techical and safety at the HVCA

Business Matters: Debt: three times as much! 01 July 2008
Insolvency Service figures hide the true extent of the debt problem, says Laurence Weeks, chair of the eastern region of R3, Association of Business Recovery Professionals, and partner at Cambridge law firm Taylor Vinters

Company Profile: Rinnai: Infinity and beyond... 01 July 2008
Rinnai UK faces a challenge – getting the domestic market to embrace an instantaneous water heater when condensing combis are in vogue. HVR spoke to managing director Geoff Hobbs and lent an ear to his cunning plan

Renewables: combined heat and power: CHP comes of age 01 July 2008
Rising energy prices and the need for convenient retrofit solutions to help buildings meet the requirements of the revised Part L of the Building Regulations are driving up demand for combined heat and power (CHP) in the UK.

Energy Efficiency: Time for a little payback 01 July 2008
The payback period is all too often ignored when assessing the most energy-efficient ways of generating hot water, according to Tony Billett, chairman of Zenex Technologies

Energy Efficiency: I spy with my little device... 01 July 2008

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Lisa Wilkinson, director of t-mac Technologies, gets to know a device that can’t wait to tell you what is going on, energy-wise, at your firm – in fact, if anything goes wrong, it will SMS you straight away

Energy Efficiency: Signing up for a new boiler... 01 July 2008
Steve Ashmore, managing director of Plumb Center, part of the Wolseley group, looks at factors that could encourage consumers to upgrade to a SEDBUK A boiler if they have an existing model that is inefficient, but reliable

Energy Efficiency: They make a heck of a team 01 July 2008
Meet the dual boiler installation, a heating system that operates a bit like a tag team – a condensing boiler does most of the work, but when things get too cold a standard cast-iron boiler comes to the rescue to get the right result

Humidification: Ensuring the bug isn’t snug 01 July 2008
Dave Mortimer, national sales manager of Vapac Humidity Control, argues that without humidity control in hospitals, patients can be at risk from superbugs and recovery periods will be lengthened

Humidification: Fresh look at adiabatic humidification 01 July 2008
Modern adiabatic humidification systems offer a number of benefits, including reduced energy consumption. Michael Whitehead of Walter Meier (Climate UK) explains why it’s time to take a fresh look

Multi-site HVAC: All for one and one for all 01 July 2008
Yan Evans, technical director of Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial, explains the benefits of opting for a centralised boiler plant rather than having individual boilers in each dwelling

Metering solutions: End of the combi boiler? 01 July 2008
Everyone seems to be talking about district heating. It’s even rumoured to herald the demise of the combination boiler. Peter Gammon of MHS Boilers, believes it may be the start of something big