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- May 2008

Editors Comment: Light touch for small businesses? 01 May 2008
I am constantly carping about the pressure of Brussels legislation on all our businesses.

Health & Safety: The curious incident of the candle at the station 01 May 2008
A laughable episode at St Pancras highlights all that is bad about our risk averse culture, says Bob Towse, head of technical and safety at the HVCA

Contractor Profile: The Marshall Plan 01 May 2008
ONE of Keith Marshall's frustrations is that no skills minister ever stays in the job for more than a year or so.

Burning Issue: Better testing is a sound idea 01 May 2008
Alan Nethersole, senior acoustic consultant with Lee Cunningham Partnership, argues that noise control has moved forward, yet duct-attenuator performance is still rooted in the past

Company Profile: Just call me Mr Spirovent 01 May 2008
Bryan Barlow, director of Spirotech, is after you. If he hasn't seen you yet, he will be there soon with his trusty demonstration Spirovent model. Paul Braithwaite talks to an icon of the heating and ventilating industry.

Air Handling Units: Cool look at heated claims 01 May 2008
Chris White, research and development director of VES Andover, is surprised how many ventilation systems are underperforming - and explains how the solution may be simpler than people think

Renewables & Low Carbon Emissions: Building for an environmentally ambitious future 01 May 2008
The world of building services is changing out of all recognition. But the technologies which must be used in the future are, surprisingly, more familiar than you think. Jim O'Neil, chairman of M&E Sustainability, discusses the issues

Air-Handling Units: Luxurious efficiency 01 May 2008
During construction of a new five-star London hotel, a heat recovery system which exceeded the energy efficiency requirements of the building regulations was chosen. Phil Bullock reports

Air Handling Units: There's a wheel, there's a way 01 May 2008
Thermal wheels for air-handling units used to be regarded as a specialist luxury. But, in the face of tougher new building regulations, they are coming into their own and becoming an increasingly popular solution. That, explains Andrew Patch of Reznor UK, is because they simply save energy and reduce carbon emissions

Air Handling Units: Keep it cool, keep it modern 01 May 2008
It is understandable health-estate managers play it safe when it comes to AHUs in sterile areas. But, argues Moducel sales manager Joe Wiekowski, they should be taking on energy-efficient designs

Underfloor Heating: Innovation from beneath 01 May 2008
Originally more widespread elsewhere in Europe, underfloor heating has now become a more mainstream technology in the UK. Graham Richardson of Rehau reports

Underfloor Heating: Grand designs on UK property 01 May 2008
The UK is increasingly waking up to the concept of underfloor heating, which is already popular throughout the rest of Europe. Wavin Plastics outlines some of the key advantages

Underfloor Heating: A healthier way to heat 01 May 2008
Everyone knows that underfloor heating can save energy and space. But, writes Paul Bramhall of Uponor, there are other important and less-talked-about benefits: those of health

Underfloor Heating: Solution that can be found right under your feet 01 May 2008
Ian Crampton, business development manager of Polypipe Terrain, advises it is important to find the right manufacturer before putting down underfloor heating

Energy Efficiency: How to control energy savings 01 May 2008
New energy-saving products, some enforced by recent legislation, are key drivers in the HVAC controls field. And, as Jerry Hamilton, national development manager of WF Electrical, explains, energy-efficient equipment is fast becoming the norm