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- October 2008

Heat Pump Review: Curtain Raised on solutions 29 October 2008
Donald Daw, commercial director of Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems, looks at a joint venture that culminated in the development of a heat pump air curtain

Contractor Profile: The pursuit of happiness 01 October 2008
Meet Jim King – owner of H&V Building Services and possibly the happiest contractor HVR editor Paul Braithwaite has ever met. Here, he explains what makes him and his company tick.

Company Profile: All for Dane and fortune 01 October 2008
Thomas Koelleskov is the man responsible for bringing Exhausto Ventilation to Britain. But what does the boss of the UK arm think of progress so far? Paul Braithwaite reports

Legal Matters: Redundancies: review policies! 01 October 2008
Reports that recruitment levels are falling and more employers are considering redundancies are hopefully over-stating the case, but some organisations may need to review policies and procedures on redundancy to ensure compliance, writes Fergal Dowling, head of employment law at the Birmingham office of national law firm Irwin Mitchell.

Burning Issue: Controls: keep it simple 01 October 2008
Are complex control systems always the best option for achieving the maximum performance and efficiency? Steven Henry of Chalmor suggests that making things too complicated can often defeat the purpose of installing controls in the first place.

Commercial Heating: The right combination 01 October 2008
Yan Evans, technical director of Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial, explains why some heat-generating technologies work well together – and others do not.

Heat Pump Review: The technology comes of age 01 October 2008
Here HVR editor Paul Braithwaite gives his editorial comment on heat pumps.

Heat Pump Review: Quiet word with an evangelist 01 October 2008
Paul Braithwaite talks to Tony Bowen, President of the Heat Pump Association

Heat Pump Review: Is it time to wash our hands of commercial boilers? 01 October 2008
Mitsubishi trial demonstrated how heat pumps can be used to provide a building's hot water - in its own kitchen

Heat Pump Review: The future of heating is in the air 01 October 2008
Jason Cox, product and technical manager at Ferroli, looks at the increasing influx of air source heat pumps in light of environment-led government directives

Heat Pump Review: The UK is catching on magic in the air 01 October 2008

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Daikin puts forward the case for air-to-water heat pumps, saying they can provide the solution for residential systems