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- June 2006

Editors Comment: Giving customers what they want! 01 June 2006
A colleague of mine went to the pub the other day. Not an unusual action in itself but one which stayed with the rest of the office for a couple of days.

Health & Safety Matters: HVAC workers in the firing line 01 June 2006
A new survey puts hvac workers near the top of the danger league and that is totally unacceptable, says Bob Towse, head of technical and safety at the HVCA

Recruitment Matters: Married to the boss! 01 June 2006
Recruitment is just like marriage, says Martin Luise, managing director of national headhunter and recruitment agency Charles Fellowes.

Contractor Profile: The enabler 01 June 2006
When Paul Braithwaite was at a Construction Youth Trust charity function around Christmas, he heard about Mal Emerson who runs Unit 19 Training, an industrial unit in Sandfields, Port Talbot, South Wales which trains young men, and mature men and women, for work in construction and to progress into a field of their choice. Here, Paul talks to Mal about his work.

Burning Issue: Wooden it be nice? 01 June 2006
The Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association (UHMA) is working with Junckers to promote better understanding of the natural synergy between the two products. UHMA’s Chairman Mike Lamb explains why

Company Profile: Autodesk: drawing on the experience of the customer 01 June 2006
Pete Baxter of Autodesk knows just what his customers want, because he asks them! No wonder, the AutoCAD product is virtually the generic for the software used throughout the building services industry. Paul Braithwaite discusses the program

Air Conditioning World: Vaillant shapes up for 01 June 2006
Is air conditioning the householder’s next must-have accessory? Growing prosperity and predicted hotter summers could tip the balance. Valliant is one company which is launching into the domestic market. Here Darren Finley, Vaillant’s air conditioning director, explains why

Air Conditioning World: It’s all a matter of control 01 June 2006
Steve Rees (below), general manager of Air Conditioning, Samsung UK, insists that without controllers all the advances in energy saving will be worth little.

Air Conditioning World: Look for the solution... 01 June 2006
Graham Hendra of LG Air Conditioning looks at the progress of VRF in comfort cooling and at the possible wider uses and flexibility of VRF. He also suggests that contractors and consultants take in the whole picture before deciding on their chosen product.

Air Conditioning World: Breath of fresh air for £62m over-55s village 01 June 2006
The fitness centre is served by Carrier Holland Heating R410A air handling units. It is one of the areas which need a larger number of air changes

Legal: Corporate manslaughter – twist or stick? 01 June 2006
Simon Mather, partner in Ricksons Solicitors looks at the issues around the new corporate manslaughter bill. Simon can be contacted on: 0161 833 3355.

Fans and air cleaning units: Improved hospital air quality makes economic sense 01 June 2006
Improved air quality in hospitals helps to provide a healthier environment for patients and staff and makes economic sense because of its relevance as a preventative infection control measure. Colin Hitch, director of Jasun Filtration, discusses this vital constituent of health care hygiene procedures.

Local Authority Heating: The barriers to weather compensating boilers 01 June 2006
Mike Freeman, national specifications manager, at Broag, questions whether, in our quest to achieve even greater energy efficiencies, we should be looking towards Holland, where weather compensating boilers are standard. He also discusses the barriers heating contractors’ social housing clients will face in adopting this approach