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- December 2006

Editors Comment: We must all take responsibility for climate change! 01 December 2006
It’s always my fault! I have noticed through the years that Paul Braithwaite is responsible.

Health & Safety Matters: Waste regs must be workable 01 December 2006
Over-enthusiastic bureaucrats must not be allowed to undermine the good intentions of safety regulations, says Bob Towse, head of Technical and Safety at the HVCA

Business Matters: Simplest precautions most effective 01 December 2006
Late payment is killing our businesses, says Dave Butler, regional sales director at Close Invoice Finance

Contractor Profile: Denco moves up the league 01 December 2006
It is very rare, these days, to find someone who has literally worked their way from the shop floor to the boardroom. Mark Shutler is a member of a dying breed

Burning Issue: Answering the legionella question at H&V07 01 December 2006
Rowan Crowley, event director of H&V07 (NEC Birmingham, 27 Feb - 1 March 2007), updates hvac engineers on the current threat of legionella and points the way to where the latest information and advice on dealing with the issue can be found

Company Profile: Diffusion goes on the acquisition trail 01 December 2006

sertraline purchase

sertraline purchase
For years now, Diffusion has been used to prop up other parts of the parent company’s empire. Now, its new owner is on the acquisition trail, building on the company’s success. Leigh Stimpson, managing director, talks to Paul Braithwaite

Chimney and flues: System chimneys: keeping in tune with Euro standards 01 December 2006
With a degree of confusion as to the correct product designation under BS EN 1856-1 for system chimneys, Jason Lee, technical sales manager of SFL, explains the key requirements

Air Conditioning World: Warning: don’t slip from the efficiency path 01 December 2006
The air conditioning industry has had to defend itself as it is relentlessly attacked over increasing CO2 emissions. We can all be public relations officers for the products. We have a lot of ammunition and we should use it. Andy Stamford, managing director of Wave Air Conditioning, begins the fight back.

Air conditioning world: Wrong ahu could damage your wealth, says Carrier HH 01 December 2006
Robert Snijder, managing director of Carrier Holland Heating BV, talks to Paul Braithwaite about the continuing changes in his company and how buying the wrong ahu could cost a developer dear during the lifetime of a building

Air Conditioning World: Mitsubishi moves into residential heat pumps 01 December 2006
MITSUBISHI has stepped out of its box with the launch of a domestic heat pump boiler.

Air Conditioning World: Daikin installation cuts costs at Co-op c-store 01 December 2006
SIGNIFICANT savings in electricity costs were achieved during the first 48 days of new Daikin Conveni-pack combined refrigeration, air conditioning and heating technology, applied to a Co-op Welcome convenience store in Sneinton Dale, Notts.