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Air handling units: Developments keep Easdale system ahead of the game

Jim Henley, general manager, McQuay UK insists continuous design, development and market intelligence has allowed its Easdale ahu system to stay ahead.
Air handling units: Developments keep Easdale system ahead of the game
SINCE the revolutionary Easdale air handling system was introduced more than 20 years ago, continuous design, development and market intelligence has allowed McQuay UK to reduce costs and keep ahead of equitable competition.

The single innovative system which was launched in 1982 has now evolved into a family of standard and customised designs which offer the consultant and contractor the complete cost effective solution for any application.

The latest developments relate to the range of unit sizes, the panel thickness and off-site 'packaging'.

An in-depth study has shown that it is now possible for McQuay to offer air handling units with air volumes at least 30% higher than the current high of 35m3/s. With a low of 0.2m3/s, the range of sizes has now been extended upwards to in excess of 45m3/s. This has simply been achieved by just scaling-up the sections and components, as the physical handling of larger weights has never been a problem for the Cramlington, Northumberland plant.

Project specifications had traditionally called for panels to be 50mm, but recently McQuay have developed both 25mm and 75mm systems to meet the needs of specific projects and all these thicknesses are now offered as standard features.

This new wide range of double-skinned panels, which are now available with either rockwool or foam insulation, will meet the current thermal and acoustic requirements of any application.

Off-site packaging is the latest innovation in the industry's fight to lower costs and one that McQuay UK has fully embraced.

With this requirement in a specification, the completed Easdale air handling units are fully fitted with all electrical and mechanical controls, ready for dropping into position and connection to the ductwork and site utility supplies.

The package includes design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of all controls, external pipe runs and solenoid valves, electrical control panels, inverters, isolators, actuators, pressure switches, wiring and other components to operate the unit through a McQuay controller suitable for open protocol via Bacnet and Lon works. Each package also includes pre-commissioning before despatch to site.

On a recent air handling unit project in Scotland, this form of packaging was part of the proposal made by McQuay to the consulting engineer Rybka.

An Easdale air handling unit with off-site packaging was incorporated as part of the mechanical and electrical engineering services at a £15 million development in Cumbernauld.

The ahu, which is 120metres long and 3.5metres wide, is split into two 60 metre long legs and mounted in a well on the roof of the factory.

Each leg contains five Easdale modules with a common enclosed operational corridor located to one side.

The weather proofed extension houses all the mechanical and electrical controls, panels, valves and pipework, which were fully tested and pre-commissioned at Cramlington before delivery in 12 metre long loads.

It has been quoted that this added value feature reduced on-site labour costs by as much as 30%.

McQuay believes these new developments in the pipeline will keep the product ahead of the competition in the race to win further orders from consultants and contractors.

A view looking down the operational enclosed corridor of one of the 60metre long legs in Cumbernauld, Scotland showing the Easdale air handling units which were packaged off-site with all the mechanical and electrical services by McQuay UK

Dashboad alarm rings user when vehicle is burgled

H&C has introduced the VHS, a vehicle monitoring system. If someone attempts to break into the vehicle, it will ring the mobile phone of the user or send a text to warn of the entry. It arms itself automatically 20 seconds after the driver has left the van.

There are a number of sensors in the VHS. For instance, says Keith Morris of H&C, which has developed the product, if a lorry goes past the van, the alarm will not go off. It has three different types of sensors, an infra-red, ultrasonic and a trembler and at least two of them have to be set off. It will also ring the user if the battery is running low.

The VHS is a unit which sits on the dashboard of a van or car. It is powered by four AA batteries which last about six to eight months or it can be wired into the electrics of the vehicle or plugged into the cigarette lighter socket.

It is very easy to wire the unit into the vehicle, says Keith.

The unit uses a pay-as-you-go sim card and the units are used only when it rings for a break-in or for a battery warning.

'In theory, a pay-as-you-go card should last more than a year.'

The VHS comes with an installation kit and a cigarette lighter plug. It can be moved from vehicle to vehicle with ease.

It is priced at about £220.

Keith says this is small beer when you consider that if tools were stolen from a van, it costs money to replace them and even if they are insured, it could be several days before they are replaced.

H&C (02920 463345
1 May 2006


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