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Adveco introduces the next generation of packaged electric water heating for commercial projects

Commercial hot water specialist Adveco introduces the next generation of FUSION electric water heating for commercial projects.

FUSION-E is a tough, high-efficiency electric water heater. FUSION-T expands the system with the addition of a system-integrated heat pump and advanced controls. Both ranges can be further expanded with the addition of an electric immersion for greater reliance (FUSION-Eplus and FUSION-Tplus).

FUSION is the perfect response for commercial building projects with small to medium basin and sink-led hot water demands. Taller buildings with basement plant rooms and businesses that depend on 24/7 hot water provision for continuity of service all gain advantages from FUSION as well as reducing carbon emissions and controlling costs.

FUSION starts with all new specially designed single- (ATSI) or twin-coil (ATST) corrosion-resistant stainless steel high-pressure indirect cylinders. Offering capacities from 200 to 500 litres, the cylinders feature dedicated mounting points for Adveco’s 12 or 16 kW ARDENT electric boiler. By mounting the electric boiler directly to the cylinder FUSION is a more compact, space-saving option. Supplied with pre-built pipework the latest generation of FUSION is now faster and easier to install.

The electric boiler, with multiple immersions inside its sealed storage tank, provides automatically balanced usage to prolong system life and immediate resilience for the boiler. Used in a sealed ‘primary’ loop, the electric boiler heats the same water continuously effectively eliminating limescale issues typically found in electric systems used in hard water areas.

For the FUSION-T renewable variants, the 6 or 10 kW monobloc air-to-water FPi-32 heat pump (ASHP) is used as a source for system preheat. Contribution from the ASHP is maximised via the bespoke FUSION Control Box. These controls smartly balance the two heat sources, enabling the water in the cylinder to be heated in the most efficient way. As the electric boiler is not required to work as hard to raise flow temperatures to the 65°C demanded by commercial applications. Electrical demand on the boiler is reduced by as much as 30%, delivering operational savings and reducing carbon emissions by up to 71%.

The FUSION-T variants are perfect for organisations seeking to invest in a water heating application as part of a decarbonisation strategy without losing sight of higher operational costs associated with all-electric systems compared to equivalent gas-fired water heating.

Where hot water demands become a business-critical service, FUSION will also support the addition of an Adveco backup immersion providing additional resilience. Fitted into the front-facing clean-out access, the immersion ensures there is no single point of failure for assured service provision.

When only used as an emergency heating source, or during periods of unplanned excess demand, the inclusion of an electric immersion can be extremely advantageous. For FUSION systems incorporating the additional backup 6 or 12 kW immersion (FUSION-Eplus & FUSION-Tplus) controls are further extended to incorporate SMS output to advise building managers of a fault scenario and automated engagement of the immersion back-up to guarantee business-critical hot water supply.

For commercial organisations seeking a hot water system for new buildings faced with the regulatory changes on new gas connections or planning to move from existing gas-fired systems to electrical alternatives, FUSION provides an impressive range of choices. Whether cost, sustainability or business security are the driving factors for specification, FUSION offers a comprehensive response that can be quickly matched to the requirements of a project.

22 June 2023


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