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Wireless RF Programmable Room Thermostat VF

One of the UK’s leading supplier of temperature control thermostats and heating equipment. We have our own range of products which have been developed with UK/European specification & market guidelines. Our range includes timers, programmers, domestic & industrial thermostats, underfloor heating controls, domestic & industrial heating appliances.
This Programmable R/F controlled Room Thermostat-Pair consists of a mobile transmitter unit and a Receiver unit which is designed for flush-mounting if required and fits all commercially available recessed conduit plaster boxes of 60mm. The Surface mount box for wall mounting this unit is also included.

Its installation requires no wiring between Transmitter & Receiver and can be fitted in any normal operating environment within 30 meters range between the two units.

Unique facility of R/F address code setting is built into the R/F Receiver & Trasmitter/thermostat to ensure that your R/F Receiver will only respond to instruction sent to it from it's own Transmitter (this can be adjusted if in the vicinity of other RF products as required)

The special feature of bright blue-backlit & soft key buttons in the Transmitter(thermostat) are made of translucent rubber which allows the Blue LED to project through it to provide easy operating in dim surrounding.The transmitter/thermostat can be permanently wall mounted but it also has the facility of having its own stand alone table/surface bracket. As an added extra a universal wall mounted bracket is also available (at extra charge/pictured separate) which allows the transmitter to be used as wall mount or free range as desired. 

Wall Mounted Bracket Available Separately - £5.00
Transmitter Unit TH-920D
Power Supply: 1.5V AAA Battery x 4pcs       
Battery life: 1 year typical
Temperature reading: °C/°F selective by internal settings  
Clock format : 12/24H selective by internal settings 
Temperature sampling rate: 1 Minute
Switching Differential: 0.5°C-1.0°C / 1.0 °F-2.0 °F selective by internal settings
Temperature control rage: 5~35°C
Temperature display range: 0~50°C
Temperature setting: 1.0°C
Programming Feature:
7-d or 5-1-1d day-format & P6/P4 program periods. 
Shortest cycle rate protection: 3-min, default setting “De-activated”
Working frequency
T433: 433.92MHz.
R/F Signal Transmission Cycle: Transmits 3 x 2.5min, continuous
Working Distance: 30m
Programming format: default at factory
Dimension: 110.8 W x 104 H x 21.5 D mm

Power source : 230VAC /50-60Hz
Power consumption: 5VA
Relay ContactRating : Voltage free 24/250Vac/16 Amp.
Storage temperature : -10°C  ~ 60°C
Working frequency : R433: 433.92Mhz
Working distance : 30m
Dimension: 88.0 W x 88.0 H x 39.4 D mm


23 January 2013

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