Industrial Humidifiers

Humidity Solutions is the UK's leading independent specialist in humidity control, with access to a vast range of industrial and commercial humidifiers and dehumidifiers from some of the world's best manufacturers. Amongst these there are isothermal humidifiers, adiabatic humidifiers, dehumidifiers, water treatment systems and also domestic humidifiers. Humidity Solutions humidifier service and installation division excels in the delivery, installation and maintenance of all types of humidifier, as well as the sales of parts and spares for all makes and models including Neptronic, Defensor, Condair, Hygromatik, Vapac, Carel, Dristeem and Electrovap all available for next day delivery.

Steam Humidifiers:

- ElectroVap Compact Steam
- ElectroVap Electrode Boiler
- ElectroVap MC Steam Boiler

- Neptronic Direct Steam Injection???????

- Neptronic Gas Fired Steam

- Neptronic Resistive Element Boiler

- Neptronic SKR Residential Humidifier

- Neptronic Steam to Steam

- Neptronic X-Stream

Adiabatic Humidifiers:

- Airtec High Pressure
- Airtec High Pressure in Duct
- Compressed Air and Water
- Devatec Centrifugal AC4
- Neptronic SKV Evaporative

Dessicant Dehumidifiers:

- DT Group MDC - full range of capacities

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers:

-Full Hidros range

-Freestanding dehumidifiers

Water Treatment:

- Reverse Osmosis Systems

Domestic Humidifiers:

- Residential Humidifiers

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23 August 2018

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