Gastite CSST

Gastite® manufacture CSST. This is corrugated stainless steel tubing used for gas installation. The product is easier and faster to install than traditional copper methods. Due to it being lightweight it is therefore easy to transport. Gastite® has a patented all brass XR2 fitting, this offers a metal to metal seal with no gaskets or o-rings. Installed in one continuous length Gastite® requires no soldering or threading. Simply manipulated by hand the pipe routes easily through complex building structures, requiring only one fitting at each end.


Gastite® CSST is used on both commercial and residential projects from very large multiple dwelling installations to domestic requirements.  The flexible piping enables supply of either natural gas or LPG to appliances in residential, commercial and also industrial applications.

Technical Specifications/standards

Gastite® is manufactured to the more stringent BS 7838 standard which allows for direct burial of the product both internally & externally without the need for additional sleeving.  The Gastite® product is also manufactured to BS EN 15266.

Alternative Products/materials

Gastite® product has the great advantage of the patented jacket-lock system whereas with other competitor’s products they have to tape their pipe in order to finish the installation costing time on the project.  You will also benefit from great technical expertise so if you do need help with sizing for a customer please let us know by calling 01509 508939.

Commercial Know How

This is a great product to switch sell as lead times for delivery are fast.  Terms are very favourable to BSS so not only do you benefit with additional margin but also your customers have very competitive pricing when compared to others. Also, remember that for a fast and efficient way to install CSST Gastite® offers the patented jacket-lock® system so no taping


09 May 2018

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