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3 pipe Heat Recovery VRF with zonal leak detection 

Midea has enhanced its VRF offering by introducing what it describes as the industry’s first 3 pipe Heat Recovery VRF with zonal leak detection. 

Available from 8HP to 54HP the exclusive V6R range detects real-time refrigerant leakage to guarantee the system’s safe and reliable operation. The downtime for any business is reduced as the system will only isolate the MS zone that detects a refrigerant leak and non-affected zones will continue to operate safely. This isolation also reduces the risk of system refrigerant loss whilst limiting any potential risk to room occupants. 

This new VRF range is extremely versatile and can meet the needs of small, medium, or large sized applications. An impressive total of 64 indoor unit and heat exchanger combinations are available with nominal capacities as low as 1.4kW and up to 200% connection ratio (to outdoor capacity). Performing both cooling and heating operation simultaneously from one system allows for different heating and cooling needs in different areas within any space. The energy efficiency is maximised by diverting the heat that is removed from the indoor units during the cooling process to areas requiring heating. 

The V6R is flexible and easy to install; each outdoor unit is lightweight with long piping lengths of up to a total of 1000m, improved height difference of 110m between outdoor and indoor levels and up to 30m height difference between indoor units. Combined with the intelligent MS Box which adds further flexibility by offering multiple port options of 4,6,8,10 or 12 and up to 5 indoor units connected to one port - the V6R can meet any design brief or site restrictions. Efficiency is also improved with the units ‘auto dust cleaning’ feature, the system blows the fans in reverse to clear dust and debris build up from the coil, maintaining unimpeded airflow across the coil. 

This range is a multipurpose solution and can achieve space cooling/heating and domestic hot water (25°C to 80°C) simultaneously, by connecting to a Midea high temperature hydro module. The hot water can be used for domestic hot water and underfloor heating, improving room comfort. Midea V6R can also be connected to a fresh air unit or HRV to supply continuous fresh air. 

Third party air handling units and direct expansion kits can be integrated into the V6R system, either independently or in conjunction with other types of indoor unit for large space heating/cooling and fresh air supply. 

The options do not stop there, a wide range of individual and centralised control systems – all with 2 core wiring - are also available including Midea's IMM PRO gateway device. The gateway can control up to 3840 systems both locally and remotely via PC and provides full compatibility with the leading BMS protocols: BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus and KNX. 

Steven Robinson, general manager of Midea UK & Ireland, commented: “As the world’s largest supplier of HVAC products, Midea has a responsibility to be at the forefront of technologies that reduce the environmental impact of refrigerants. Working alongside the United Nations, Midea has recently developed an award-winning environmentally friendly and energy efficient residential air conditioning solution. It is the only air conditioning offering to meet the Montreal Protocol, 2019 Kigali Amendment to gradually reduce the consumption and production of hydrofluorocarbons. I’m delighted that Midea has also developed a sustainable solution for larger HVAC applications - the industry’s first 3 pipe Heat Recovery VRF - which offers zonal isolation in the event of a refrigerant leak. Preventing larger volumes of refrigerant escaping into the atmosphere not only protects the environment but also ensures the safety of room occupants. An additional benefit of this technology is allowing all other unaffected zones to run without fault whilst a less costly repair is carried out. This is another game changing industry first for the new leader in HVAC technologies” 

Midea’s V6R range is available now 


1 February 2021


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