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The Neptronic SKE resistive steam humidifier from JS Humidifiers

Added: 15 October 2010

The Neptronic SKE resistive steam humidifier, from JS Humidifiers, provides reliable humidity control and needs very little maintenance due to its robust construction, minimal consumable parts and effective scale management system.

Unlike electrode boiler humidifiers, which incorporate expensive consumable plastic boiling cylinders, the Neptronic SKE has a stainless steel boiling vessel with lifetime guarantee.

Due to thermal expansion of the self cleaning heating elements, limescale is detached in small pieces, most of which is then expelled by the pumped drain.

When combined with a reverse osmosis water filter, which removes minerals from feed water, it's possible to operate the humidifier for up to six months without any service requirement.

The patented Anti-Foaming Energy Conservation system precisely senses water level and combats foam created by the boiling process. This eliminates the need to regularly skim water to prevent foam, thus saving hot water and energy, whilst protecting the heating elements from burning out.

This enables the humidifier to carry a two-year warranty on all parts, including elements.

The humidifier is ideal for critical process applications as it's capable of controlling environmental conditions to plus or minus 1% relative humidity.

The Neptronic SKE comes with short evaporation steam distribution pipes as standard. Steam is taken from the centre of the pipe, where it is at its driest, providing an evaporation distance 40% less than standard distribution pipes.

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