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The JetSpray from JS Humidifiers

Added: 24 November 2010

Rows of precision engineered nozzles combine compressed air and water to produce sprays of just 7.5 microns, which rapidly evaporate in the air.

The system can be used directly in a workspace or within an air handling unit, with potential evaporation distances as short as one metre.

Compared to electric steam humidification, the JetSpray uses 90% less energy and can dramatically reduce a building's carbon footprint.

When used for cooling the JetSpray provides a reduction of up to 13 degrees C (celsius) with a fraction of the energy consumption of mechanical chillers.

The system is easy to install, can run on mains, softened or demineralised water and, due to a self-cleaning mechanism in the nozzle, requires very little maintenance.

A micro-processor control panel enables close control of humidity and guarantees drip-free performance.

The JetSpray is the most hygienic humidifier of its kind. Regular flush cycles eliminate the possibility of water stagnating in the system and the incoming water is also dosed with silver ions.

The JetSpray humidifier is available in two capacities; 60 and 600 litres per hour with fully modulating output on the larger model.

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