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Editors Comment: What is the payback equation?

ALTERNATIVE forms of heating are in the news. Ferroli is one of the latest companies to launch solar technology, hard on the heels of Valliant. 
 1 Sep 2006

Tax Matters: When HM Revenue goes online

Lean, but maybe not quite so mean! David Bradshaw, tax partner at national accountancy and business advisory firm Baker Tilly, explains how HM Revenue and Customs is smartening up its act 
 1 Aug 2006

News: Daikin thinks (and acts) out of its air conditioning box

DAIKIN UK has stepped out of its air conditioning box to introduce a new range. 
 1 Aug 2006

Health and Safety Matters: Ten points for safety

Many companies still ask what makes a good health and safety strategy? Bob Towse, head of technical and safety at the HVCA, recommends the following 10-point plan 
 1 Aug 2006

Contractor Profile: Bringing buildings to life

More than 30 years after joining the industry, new HVCA vice president Patrick Churchard remains as passionate as ever about buildings and the partnerships that deliver best value to clients 
 1 Aug 2006

Burning Issue: The Firebrake connector concept keeps it simple

Chris Atkinson, marketing manager of Domus Ventilation, explains how his company’s new fire stop will save installers time and money 
 1 Aug 2006

Company Profile: Herz’ mission: to supply everything between the boiler and radiator – and more!

In the last couple of years, Herz UK has undergone a fundamental change. Now, as well as just the valves, it wants to supply the complete solution – everything from the boiler to the radiator. The Austrian parent took some convincing but the changes have been so successful the policy has been adopted as a world strategy. Shaun Cronin (left), managing director and Mark Goodson, technical manager, (right) talk to Paul Braithwaite about the rise and rise of Herz UK 
 1 Aug 2006

Pumps and valves: Saving energy with the help of life cycle costing

Britta Frank, market sector manager for KSB, insists the need for saving energy in terms of cost and resources is as important now as it ever was – more so in fact – and use of life cycle costing (LCC) as one method to evaluate the true costs and hence savings, is coming more and more to the fore 
 1 Aug 2006

Pumps and valves: Over-sizing and poor selection is recipe for pump failure!

Correct pump selection is of paramount importance, says Peter Nears, who is product manager for Biral Pumps at Hamworthy Heating, and has more than 25 years of experience in the commercial pump market place 
 1 Aug 2006

Water Treatment: Water: the common denominator

James Townley, technical sales manager at ENWA, insists that to ensure maximum return and lifespan from new technology, building services engineers cannot afford to overlook the water 
 1 Aug 2006

Water Treatment: New generation product treats and reverses limescale

The build up of scale deposits and corrosion are both common and costly problems in many industrial processes and commercial buildings using natural water supplies. The largest issue comes from limescale as two-thirds of the population lives and works in areas where the water is hard. For many years, the preferred choice has been the introduction of water conditioners to the system in an attempt to reduce the problem. However, according to Mike Potter, product development manager of Watermatic, there’s a new generation of processes and systems which treat and reverse limescale – and there are significant cost savings to be had by using them 
 1 Aug 2006

Training: The BEST route to training excellence

An apprenticeship can help develop competence, an essential prerequisite of a fulfilling career and commercial success. Linda Webb, business development manager at training services provider, Building Engineering Services Training (BEST), examines the current state of apprenticeship training 
 1 Aug 2006

Unitary Air Conditioning: The truth about the F-word

As global warming continues to rise up the political agenda, so too has the issue of F-Gas, one of the most long-standing issues within the refrigeration and air conditioning market. Here Simon Keel, product executive at Daikin Airconditioning UK, comments on the F-Gas regulations, how its enforcement will affect the industry and why installers will need to gear up for the 2007 implementation 
 1 Aug 2006

Editors Comment: Government needs installers’ goodwill!

HEALTH and safety is necessary - obviously. And when we turn on the gas or a light or the tap, we want to be safe.. 
 1 Jul 2006

Consultant Profile: Henderson Green: success is caring for customers and staff

When Rob Pratt talks about the issues surrounding Henderson Green, he always comes back to looking after his clients, staff and planet earth. Here, Rob discusses the company’s success with Paul Braithwaite 
 1 Jul 2006

Burning Issue: Commissioning rises to the top of the political agenda

The revised Building Regulations will make commissioning mandatory so finally allowing the industry to address building performance problems, says Martin Brown, director of Commtech. 
 1 Jul 2006

News profile extra: CORGI: helping to cut confusion for installers

CORGI’s job has been to improve gas safety but, with the latest legislation, it is moving into improving safety in other areas. Paul Braithwaite talks to Tim Ottridge, managing director of Gas Registration, and Natalie Minter, project development manager, about the new legislation and how CORGI is attempting to cut the confusion 
 1 Jul 2006

Fans: A smarter way to ventilate

Geoff Sheard, group vice-president, fan technology, is Fläkt Woods’ most senior engineer. Here, he looks at the changes to Part L and how the new regulations mean that information must be provided so that occupiers may maintain and operate a building efficiently. 
 1 Jul 2006

Humidification: Opportunities abound for humidification industry

The revised Part L has given a boost to humidification and it is up to manufacturers to grasp the nettle, says Dave Mortimer, national sales manager for Vapac Humidity Control. 
 1 Jul 2006

Editors Comment: Government needs installers’ goodwill!

HEALTH and safety is necessary – obviously. And when we turn on the gas or a light or the tap, we want to be safe.. 
 1 Jul 2006
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