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Emission impossible? The cost of cutting carbon

Tough economic times and changes in legislation can lead to unnecessary confusion over the best route forward when selecting and reviewing air conditioning systems. This is especially so when air conditioning units for commercial use are under consideration. There are, however, many ways in which efficiency targets can be met and money can be saved, says Des Franklin 
 10 Sep 2012

It pays to act naturally on the ventilation front

Natural ventilation systems can reduce energy wastage in commercial applications, but only if they are specified correctly and installed properly, says Laura Callaghan 
 10 Sep 2012

Give us clarity on energy labelling and ErP

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, according to Chris Goggin 
 6 Aug 2012

Call for contractors to sharpen up business skills

Contractors must be leaner and fitter than ever - not just to survive the current downturn, but also to remain fit for purpose in the future, according to the new B&ES president Sue Sharp 
 6 Aug 2012

Strong management control is key to success

The dire state of the world economy and swingeing public spending cuts have had a crushing impact on the hvac industry, but there are ways to fight back according to Michael Ball, chief executive of chimney systems supplier Schiedel. Ian Vallely reports 
 6 Aug 2012

Green system design - the big picture revealed

Reducing the lifetime carbon impact of the pumping system, will become increasingly important in the future, says Wayne Rose, with a move away from the issue of component-specific efficiency and focus on standards for overall system efficiency 
 6 Aug 2012

Achieving a measure of success with heat meters

You only really know what a system is doing by measuring it. Georgina Orr explains the main features of heat meters and outlines where and how they should be placed 
 6 Aug 2012

Time to challenge received wisdom on green issues

For our ecosystem to survive, we need to act fast. In a double dip recession, the only real option lies in energy efficiency measures, says Mark Northcott 
 6 Aug 2012

Valuable lessons in water conditioning for schools

Water conditioning within school heating systems is important because it makes a vital contribution towards achieving efficient and reliable operation and longevity of plant while avoiding the common problems that frequently occur as a result of inefficient boilers and poor preventative maintenance. Martin Wilkinson explains 
 6 Aug 2012

Business development: It pays to train to gain

Continued investment in training is time well spent and can even help give businesses a competitive edge, says Pete Mills 
 6 Aug 2012

Opportunities exist to make money from the Green Deal

Have you considered becoming a Green Deal assessor? Steve Fisher explains the role of the Green Deal Advisor (GDA) and the steps required to become one 
 6 Aug 2012

Why not tap into public sector projects?

Investment in commercial renewable projects in the UK has never been more diverse. Knowing who has the control of this funding, what kind of projects they are interested in and how to produce viable proposals is an increasingly lucrative skill. Cathryn Hickey explains 
 6 Aug 2012

We need to protect our greatest asset

There remains concern over the relevance of parts of the new RAC National Vocational Qualification, the time it takes to teach and assess the whole course and the associated costs for employers. However, this concern is being addressed, says Paul Mills
 6 Aug 2012

It's time for MIS 3005 training to get into gear

The heat pump installer standard - MIS 3005 - came into effect in March. However, many contractors are still struggling with its requirements, says Chris Davis 
 16 Jul 2012

The preacher and the profit

Politicians seeking a recipe for UK economic recovery could do a lot worse than look at the issues confronting ductwork contractors, according to Ductform Ventilation md Stacey Spence 
 16 Jul 2012

Credit where credit's due

Weak public sector investment and a paralysing lack of liquidity are devastating the hvac sector, but there are ways to mitigate their impact, according to Paul Callaghan, commercial director of GDL Air Systems. Ian Vallely reports 
 16 Jul 2012

Fanning the waves of legislative progress

With legislation driving energy efficiency and carbon reduction, specifying the correct fans now needs far more consideration, says Allan Hurdle 
 16 Jul 2012

Variability is key to effective air distribution

Variable air volume fan coil systems have a big impact on effective room air movement, as Andrew Sargent explains 
 16 Jul 2012

Life begins at 40 for Uponor's PEX pipes

2012 marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of Uponor PEX-a pipes. The company claims to be the first in the world to have produced, sold and installed these cross-linked polyethylene products. 
 16 Jul 2012

New technologies create new revenue opportunities

The industry has developed a range of new applications for underfloor heating technology and these are likely to open up new revenue streams for contractors, says Tony Harbour 
 16 Jul 2012
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