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- June 2013

It's time to choose to do the right thing 24 June 2013
Kevin Munson, managing director of Ruskin Air Management, is continually disappointed with people who choose to do something badly because they think they will save money

Take total control to tackle fuel poverty effectively 24 June 2013
As social housing makes increasing use of CHP and district heating to address rising energy costs and associated fuel poverty, it's important to take effective control at all levels. Beata Blachut and Silas Flytkjaer explain

Wake up to solar overheating threat 24 June 2013
Dealing with overheating issues will become increasingly urgent as the solar heating market grows this year, says Steve Addis

District heating - the pathway to local efficiency 24 June 2013
District heating schemes were once a popular choice for local authorities looking to meet the heating and hot water requirements of large scale housing developments and high rise apartment blocks from the 1950s through to the 1970s. Now, they appear to be making a comeback. Geoff Hobbs explains the role of modern-day centralised energy centres

Community heating - the future is already here 24 June 2013
The future of residential controls in commercial buildings is very exciting and has great potential for growth in the building controls industry, according to Ash Goyal

A cast iron case for more traditional boilers 24 June 2013
Cast iron boilers shouldn't be overlooked when considering replacing or upgrading commercial and industrial heating and hot water systems, says Pete Mills

Crystal ball gazing - the future of AC kit explored 24 June 2013
The AC industry will need to respond quickly to maximise business opportunities and ensure we deliver on the demands from our customers to meet the ever changing improvements in building designs, says Graham Wright

Refrigerants debate hots up 24 June 2013
Recent activity suggests that air conditioning may have a flammable future. Neil Everitt investigates

The cold facts about refrigerants in chillers 24 June 2013
The refrigerant used in any particular chiller application must be the subject of careful consideration because there is no silver bullet. The decision on which direction to take will depend on a range of criteria and the relative weighting given to each by those making the assessment. One size does not fit all, says David Blackhurst

Why HFO refrigerants are the future for chillers 24 June 2013
Based on the evidence he has seen to date, Ken Strong believes that HFOs will become the new mainstream refrigerants of choice for chillers in the next few years

Solution to a heavyweight structural dilemma 24 June 2013
With increasing energy bills forcing companies to keep a tight rein on costs m&e contractors are increasingly being asked to upgrade roof-based chiller plant. However, as Dan Rushton discovers, this task presents a host of challenges

Dealing with fume discharge at low levels 24 June 2013
The current guidance on low-level discharge of commercial room sealed gas condensing appliances deserves serious consideration, according to Jason Lee