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- March 2012

Don't leave me hanging on the telephone 01 March 2012
Convoluted telephone answering systems? David Pepper has had it up to here with them

'Modernisation is now unstoppable' 01 March 2012
The building engineering services sector has witnessed significant changes and Bob Shelley believes it must keep changing if it is to survive and thrive in a fiercely competitive environment

Heating engineers must learn a new language 01 March 2012
A change of emphasis from cutting carbon to saving energy is a subtle, but significant one for the commercial heating sector, says David Frise

Spreading the RHI benefits 01 March 2012
Last year's changes to RHI biomass tariffs may result in a better spread of the incentive and focus minds on the key benefits of this renewable energy source. Adrian Walker explains

Golden rules of CHP Specification 01 March 2012
With fuel and electricity prices increasing, now is a good time to investigate the potential of combined heat and power for reducing the cost of heating and hot water, says Andy Whitehouse

Making district heating work at its optimum level 01 March 2012
The efficiency of district/community heating schemes can depend heavily on the design of the heat interface units in the system. Silas Flytkjaer highlights the key challenges and how they can be addressed

A matter of Principle 01 March 2012
The importance of applying the principles of an 'energy hierarchy' can't be over-emphasised, says Jeff House

Good commissioning means happy end users 01 March 2012
Getting the commissioning wrong can mean the difference between an air conditioning system working perfectly, or not working at all, says Martyn Ives

Why blowing hot and cold can make sense 01 March 2012
Modern flexible workspaces demand modern flexible HVAC systems that don't waste energy. Self-adaptive simultaneous heating and cooling in four-pipe hydronic systems, capable of reducing energy consumption by 40 per cent, is a giant leap in the right direction, says Dean Ward

No magic bullets in the field of refrigerants 01 March 2012
Refrigerants are developing fast and the industry has a responsibility to work together to determine the best refrigerant(s) for each application, says Stephen Yurek

Clearing the mists that surround humidification 01 March 2012
Humidifier projects don't come along very often for the average hvac contractor so building-up enough experience to overcome the common pitfalls can be difficult. Tim Scott offers 10 tips to ensure a smooth and successful humidifier installation

Integrated climate controls help cut carbon emissions 01 March 2012
Whether offices, shops, schools, civic buildings, hotel and leisure or healthcare facilities, the pressure to change the way we heat and cool buildings is increasing. John Durbin looks at how an integrated approach to climate control can result in dramatic energy and carbon savings - especially when heat recovery techniques are incorporated within a heat pump-based system

If you can't stand the heat... 01 March 2012
Kitchen ventilation is simple in principle, but there is still a lot of rubbish spoken about it. Steve Leonard expels some of the hot air

Web video highlights vent fire risk 01 March 2012
An online video company has completed a film highlighting the threats posed by building fires and the role of fire and smoke dampers in reducing the risks

Maintaining a clear focus for Part F 01 March 2012
There have been suggestions that control of VOCs and CO could be included in the next generation of Part F of the Building Regulations. Alasdair Howie explains why this could be counter-productive

Don't ignore the filter factor 01 March 2012
Filtration is too often a Cinderella service. Mark Bamforth offers an overview

ACR Show set to debut at the NEC 01 March 2012
The ACR Show is the new dedicated event for the air conditioning and refrigeration industry