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- May 2010

Healthcare: Sustainable ventilation in hospitals? 08 May 2010
Linden Shuttleworth, Fläkt Woods UK sales manager, asks whether sustainable ventilation approaches can be as successful in health care environments as they have been in other buildings.

Healthcare: Happier patients, lower fuel bills, all down to humidity 08 May 2010
Temperature is easily understood and controllable, writes Dave Mortimer from Vapac Humidity Control. If it gets too hot, shed a few layers, too cold and you put a coat on, but when humidity levels start to fluctuate it is an entirely different proposition and people may not know how to tackle the problem.

Healthcare: You don't have to be a brain surgeon to save energy 08 May 2010
There are similarities in the way healthcare is provided and administered and the way buildings and building services in the healthcare sector are often currently run. Mike Melina, managing director of Energy Solutions Associates, investigates.

Solar Thermal: Always look on the bright side of life 08 May 2010
Design engineer at Buderus, Stefan Gautsch, explains the potential savings in fuel costs and carbon emissions achievable with solar thermal installations.

Solar Thermal: Dimplex makes solar savings 08 May 2010
Aragon Housing Association is planning for the future by trialling solar water heating in 13 of its electrically-heated properties with a Dimplex solution that has saved about £1,000 per installation on each property, and with the capacity to provide more than half of each household's hot water.

Air Movement: How to create a safe, comfortable working environment 08 May 2010
Employee health and safety and energy efficiency are key factors affecting business today. Louise Harris, Zehnder brand manager, discusses the issue of dust and offers a solution.

Air Handling Units: Efficiency and the evolution of air handling units 08 May 2010
David Applegate, managing director of Thermal Technology, discussses how the ahu has evolved and how today's units are more complication but also more efficient than previously.

Air Handling Units: Buy new kit or refurbish? 08 May 2010
There are many projects where refurbishing the air handling plant is a cost-effective and commercially viable alternative to replacing with new. Ron Flewett, ahu refurbishment manager of Envirotec, explains why the refurbishment option often provides the end client with the best value.

Underfloor Heating: Warming to UFH technology 08 May 2010
Underfloor heating technology is now sufficiently advanced to not only equal, but exceed the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of traditional alternatives, writes Matthew Miller of Polypipe Terrain. It's simple to specify, easy to install and offers proven performance and flexibility, yet some people remain unconvinced about its suitability for use on applications ranging from schools, industrial buildings and offices through to healthcare and residential properties.

Underfloor Heating: The continuing relevance of underfloor heating 08 May 2010
As the UK strives to meet emission targets set at a reduction of 34 per cent by 2020 and 80 per cent by 2050, Adrian Troop, sales and marketing manager of Nu-Heat, suggests underfloor heating is playing a major role in the demand for greater energy efficiency.

Underfloor Heating: A to Z of UFH installation 08 May 2010
Chris Simmons, commercial manager for Wavin Underfloor Heating, has the answers.

Underfloor Cooling: Cool alternative to air con! 08 May 2010
Underfloor cooling is becoming increasingly popular among clients and consultants chasing low SAP and high BREEAM ratings for their buildings, writies Malcolm Morgan, senior development engineer, Rehau. In schools, hospitals and buildings where large expanses of glazing are an issue, it has the potential to become the default alternative to air conditioning.

Company Profile: And there is more good news from him! 08 May 2010
Paul Hardy believes the upturn is here, especally if his figures for quarter one are anything to go by. Paul Braithwaite goes back to the head office at Erdington to talk to the upbeat managing director of Baxi Commercial Division.

Contractor Profile: Changing passive to active is Four Seasons Group goal 08 May 2010
The air conditioning and FM company wants customers to see it in a new light. As it grows, staff will change from passive engineers to active energy managers. Paul Braithwaite talks to chief executive officer Stuart Lawrie about his plans for the burgeoning business and how he intends to change people's perceptions.

Burning Issue: How efficient is efficient? 08 May 2010
Robert Harness, special projects manager, ebm-papst UK, discusses the desire to cut emissions but warns that some energy efficient products are more efficient than others.

Legal Matters: Fit notes can enhance performance and save millions 08 May 2010
April 6 saw the introduction of the Statement of Fitness for Work or fit note which replaces the sick note and it predicted to save UK plc around £240 million, insists Fergal Dowling, head of employment law at national law firm Irwin Mitchell.

Ant Wilson: Don't forget the scout's motto... Be prepared! 08 May 2010
Ant Wilson, director of sustainability at AECOM, suggests the future is not entirely predictable and we should be ready to prepare for new trends in finance, business and the climate.