Water treatment specialists unite to create industry-first protection solution

Three leading exponents in industrial and commercial water treatment have joined forces to create a ground-breaking product for the cleaning, treatment and protection of commercial heating and cooling systems.

The patent pending DosaFil-Duo is the only device on the market to combine the safe dosing of solid or liquid chemical treatments (of any brand) into hot or cold closed recirculating water systems with constant side stream filtration and continuous air removal. The unit features smart monitoring technology to ensure optimal filter bag replacement, while DosaFil-Duo’s standard operating pressure and temperature ranges are unmatched in the market today.

Having been field trialed for over 12 months, the proven technology effectively protects commercial and industrial systems from the damaging effects of corrosion, limescale and fouling, optimising the energy efficiency, performance and longevity of equipment. 

Steve Crick, Peter Robinson, and Richard Cumber developed DosaFil-Duo in response to key concerns regarding water treatment and control in the commercial and industrial HVAC market. The trio have spent more than 60 combined years in the water treatment industry, holding specialist roles in industrial water filtration, manufacture and application of specialist solid chemical technologies, and general water treatment management.

Working for companies like Houseman, Nalco, Spirax-Sarco, SolidTek and Hydro-Gen Engineering, the specialists have borne witness to the widespread failure of traditional treatment approaches.

Mr Crick, co-founder and managing director of DosaFil, said: “It is widely accepted across the industry that around half, if not more, of all commercial closed recirculating water systems demonstrate significant problems due to ineffective or insufficient water treatment practices, and this figure certainly tallies with our experience. The proliferation of water treatment issues is due to many reasons, including the incorrect application of products, lack of maintenance, and the occasional necessitation of lengthy system downtime, all of which means that even the best water treatment programmes are repeatedly unsuccessful.

“With DosaFil, we’ve created a product that overcomes common water treatment issues, enabling closed commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems to be cleaned, protected and maintained in a very easy, convenient, and, above all, safe manner, in combination with advanced chemical treatment technologies. Where DosaFil-Duo is installed, systems will be significantly better protected from the risks of corrosion, scale and fouling.” 

DosaFil-Duo enables systems to be operated and maintained in line with the guidelines detailed in British Standards BS8552 and BSRIA BG29 and BG50. Importantly, DosaFil-Duo enables systems that are fouled with suspended solids and deposits to be cleaned up online (with filtration possible to 0.5 microns), which potentially eliminates the need for costly offline cleaning and remediation.

Smart monitoring technology automatically notifies users of leaks or when filter bags need changing, with communication options for BMS built-in as standard. Oxygen, which would otherwise accelerate the rate of corrosion, is continuously expelled from recirculating water thanks to the unit’s automatic air vent and integrated coalescing device, while a fully insulated jacket prevents heat loss/gain from treated systems. 

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, DosaFil-Duo benefits from an easy access quick-release lid that makes adding water treatment chemicals or changing filter bags fast and simple. In fact, the device can be isolated, opened, and have its filter bag replaced in under five minutes. Users have the option to use solid or liquid chemicals from any water treatment brand. Installation of DosaFil-Duo usually takes less than a day, not least because DosaFil-Duo eliminates the need for a separate by-pass chemical feeder, auto air vent and filter device. 

Manufactured in Britain to exacting standards, DosaFil-Duo is ultimately a green technology that will optimise energy and water consumption, minimise unplanned maintenance and system downtime, and extend the life of boilers and system components. The device is set to revolutionise a market that has for too long suffered the detrimental effects of corrosion, limescale and fouling in commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems.

20 June 2018


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