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Reznor Launches New UESA 104% Efficient Condensing Unit Heater

Joining Reznor’s well proven V3 gas fired heaters is the new, third generation UESA range of high performance condensing room-sealed unit heaters, designed to further increase fuel efficiency.


The new UESA range incorporates advanced burner technology together with a patented aluminium MacroChannel heat exchanger to increase thermal efficiency.


-          Achieves 104% efficiency

-          Unlike condensing boilers and other condensing heaters the high efficiency is achieved even at full heat output

-          Available in 4 sizes with outputs ranging from 35kW to 102kW

-          Vibration and noise isolated fan motor

-          Sealed control department isolating all electrical components

-          25% lighter than previous condensing models

-          Simple installation

-          ECA approved

-          2 to 4 year payback (depending on usage)


Payback periods may be further reduced when Enhanced Capital Allowances are taken into account in new installations. This allows qualifying end-users to offset 100% of the capital cost of the units plus associated installation costs against Corporation Tax in the first 12 months of operation.


Specifiers and end-users looking to reduce carbon emissions and combat escalating fuel costs will find that Reznor’s new UESA condensing unit heater is the perfect solution.

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