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Oh no, not again!

So the following is the Government's simplification of the scheme:

Before March 3, 2012: Minimum of 21p per kWh, will rise to 43.3p per kWh if the Supreme Court refuse to hear the Government appeal or the appeal is unsuccessful.
March 3 to March 31, 2012: 21p per kWh.
April 1 to June 30, 2012: 21p per kWh if the property holds an energy performance rating of 'D' or higher.
July 1 to October 2012: 13.6p to 16.5p per kWh (depending upon the volume of installations completed before April 30th 2012).

Simple isn't it!

The amount of government time and effort on this whole PV mess is scandalous. I only wish the Government put this sort of effort into making a real impact on reducing energy use and put some real effort in energy reduction measures. Simple maths and payback facts:

PV payback = 10 years (at the 43.3p rate - 16 years and more with the lesser subsidies from March) if you've lucky with the British weather.

Now some really good paybacks:

Insulation loft or cavity wall - PAYBACK = two to four years.
Upgrade lighting - a range of measures T5 tubes / LEDs PAYBACK = anything between four months and four years.
Fitting EC fans / inverter drives / controls / BEMS etc. A range of possibilities - payback obviously depends on project and application, but general range PAYBACK = 15 months to five years at most.

Lot more possibilities.

Get the message!
Posted by Mike Malina 16 February 2012 11:47:40 Categories: Malina mulls it over


By Arthur Bromley-Rider
16 February 2012 11:49:40
Mr. Malina, please could you provide more figures on these comparisons? If what you say is accurate, why are people making such a rash decision to invest in solar?

Arthur Bromley-Rider
By Peter Radcliffe
16 February 2012 11:48:40
This makes it very clear. Payback on a whole range of good traditional building and M&E has an excellent ROI. And.... no subsidy or gimmicks in sight!
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