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Destratification fans

Combat Heating Solutions, Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of energy efficient radiant and warm air heating systems, introduce you to their range of de-stratification systems which are one of the most effective energy reduction technologies available on the market.

Combat Energy saving HVE fans are the ideal solution to assist with savings on energy costs by returning the heat that rises back down to the ground level in high bay applications such as, but not exclusive to, churches and warehouses with high ceilings.

These units can provide savings of up to 20% on running costs at optimum air change rate.

HVE Fans can eliminate thermal stratification from your building. They work by constantly circulating and mixing the internal air until temperatures are balanced and equalised between the floor and ceiling - thermal De-stratification. This reduces the workload for heating and cooling systems significantly and also provides considerable energy saving and reduced carbon footprint.

At Combat, we understand the importance of energy efficiency in the workplace. Reliable heating systems that can be automatically controlled while reducing energy consumption, are the desire of most business owners and landlords. Industrial heating systems work in some of the toughest conditions and are required to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

We provide energy saving controls and destratification fans to complement your new industrial heating investment. Our energy-saving destratification fans improve the efficiency of the heater by keeping valuable warm air down at working level, thus reducing heat loss through the roof structure.

Using energy saving fans could assist with extending the life of your industrial heating equipment thereby contributing directly to global environment protection.

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23 May 2022


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