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- June 2011

Refrigerants: Flushed with success 14 June 2011
Flushing agents can help reduce overall energy costs as well as extend the lifespan of air conditioning systems, says John Ormerod.

Air Conditioning World: Horror stories from the air conditioning vaults 14 June 2011
With a team of inspectors currently visiting hundreds of firms across the south, energyTeam has a unique perspective on the common mistakes and omissions that are compromising air conditioning efficiency and costing British business dearly, according to Brian Rickerby.

Air Conditioning World: Hospital ac takes gas route 14 June 2011
An air conditioning system powered by natural gas engines is said to be providing low carbon cooling and heating at Scunthorpe General Hospital. The system uses seven Sanyo gas-powered heat pump (GHP) chillers to supply chilled water to air handling units serving a suite of operating theatres.

Air Conditioning World: Go with the variable flow 14 June 2011
Variable refrigerant low (VRF) systems offer the ideal solution for environmentally focused refurbishment projects, says John Durbin.

Air Conditioning World: All hail the rise and rise of the multi-service beam 14 June 2011
Multi service chilled beams are inceasingly popular, says Fläkt Woods' Linden Shuttleworth.

Air Conditioning World: Gas heat pumps help to plug the energy gap 14 June 2011
Lower generating capacity and increasing demand for power mean that the UK needs to take a long, hard look at energy consumption and sourcing. Paul Taylor explains how gas heat pump technology can supply heating and cooling while, at the same time, helping to generate power.

Residential heating: Breathing new life into care home heating 14 June 2011
Will the stimulus provided by the Renewable Heat Incentive be enough to bring the country's care homes up to date? Nigel Jefferson has the answer.

Residential heating: Nursing a heating system back to full strength 14 June 2011
Managers of residential homes are increasingly faced with tough decisions to make sure their expenditure levels are directed in the most economical and effective areas. Mark Derbyshire explains the opportunities that exist to review the efficiency and running costs of the whole heating system.

Residential heating: Warming to electric heat 14 June 2011
Electric heating is growing in popularity in the residential care sector, says David Garrity.

Chimneys & flues: Chimneys benefit from wide-ranging support 14 June 2011
Many BFCMA members make industrial chimney products for a range of commercial applications and all can offer useful, practical design advice, says Robert Burke.

Chimneys & flues: Plastic fantastic... 14 June 2011
Polypropylene plastic flue systems are an innovation in the UK so most people don't understand their significant benefits over more traditional metal flue systems when used on condensing boilers, according to Richard Hiblen.

Chillers: Chilling tales 14 June 2011
Manufacturers must focus on developing innovative technologies that support energy efficiency goals and promote a sustainable future. The latest technological advancements in chillers can reduce energy consumption and improve sustainability. Gboyega Obafemi explains how.

Chillers: Adiabatic cooling comes of age as energy costs soar 14 June 2011
Combining an evaporative system with a modern high efficiency DX chiller can dramatically cut building cooling costs. Ken Strong and Roberto Mallozzi highlight the potential of a new approach.

Contractor Focus: Kitchen revolution 14 June 2011
The evolution of DPL in 20 years from ductwork contractor to specialist kitchen ventilation designer could be a model for the whole sector.

Burning Issue: Mind the skills gap 14 June 2011
The commercial heating market is changing rapidly, with the emergence of new and ever more sophisticated low energy solutions, but can skills keep up? asks Nick Stevenson