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Adveco FUSION simplifies low-carbon water heating

Commercial hot water specialist Adveco expands its award-winning low-carbon FUSION packaged electric water heater system. Offering 80 pre-sized variants and multiple prebuilt pipework options FUSION simplifies the process of specifying and installing sustainable hot water in commercial buildings.

FUSION-E is an electric water heater combining Adveco’s ARDENT electric boiler with a specially designed single (ATSI) corrosion-resistant stainless steel high-pressure indirect cylinder, pipework, thermostat and overheat thermostat. FUSION-T packages the electric boiler with a twin-coil (ATST) cylinder an FPi-32 monobloc air source heat pump (ASHP) and a FUSION Control Box for greater carbon reduction. FUSION-E and T-plus plus variants incorporate a 6 kW electric backup immersion and FUSION Control Box, plus provide remote alerts for added business resiliency.

The entire FUSION line now supports storage capacities ranging from 300 to 750-litre capacity with nominal power output starting at 14 kW in the FUSION-E and up to 33 kW in FUSION-T models that combine the electric boiler and an ASHP. FUSION will now support continuous flow rates of over 560 litres per hour, and in excess of 1380 litres during a two-hour period of peak usage.

Compared to equivalent gas-fired water heating systems the FUSION-E models, solely deploying the ARDENT electric boiler will provide carbon emission savings of more than 38%. But with smart controls balancing two heat sources in FUSION-T models contribution from the ASHP is maximised to deliver a working flow of 50-55°C at an ambient operating temperature of 2°C setting a realistic benchmark for operating conditions in the UK. This ensures the electric boiler is not required to work as hard to raise flow temperatures to the 65°C demanded by commercial applications. Carbon emissions compared to electric-only systems are cut by up to 29% and by as much as 56% compared to gas-fired equivalents.

Incorporating water heating as a part of a sustainable building strategy, whether new build or retrofit, is typically complex and therefore time time-consuming and expensive. FUSION was conceived to address these challenges, simplifying the specification and installation of water heating with defined carbon savings. With the electric boiler mounted directly onto the cylinder with pre-built pipework supporting left or right-sided boiler location, FUSION is a more compact, space-saving alternative to gas water heating that can be installed and operational in as little as four hours.

Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco says: “With greater choice and continued development, FUSION stands as the benchmark for all-electric water heating in commercial buildings that must address their carbon emissions today. The hybrid approach that FUSION-T variants provide is, without doubt, the most effective and efficient way of optimising current technology to address net zero strategies in a realistic, lower-impact and cost-effective manner.”

“FUSION has proven to be a tough all-rounder, no matter a project’s location,” Bill continues. The corrosive effects of soft water are easily mitigated by FUSION’s stainless steel cylinders whilst the electric boiler, with multiple immersions inside its sealed storage tank, provides automatically balanced usage to prolong system life and immediate resilience for the boiler. With this sealed ‘primary’ loop, the electric boiler heats the same water continuously effectively eliminating limescale issues typically found in electric systems used in hard water areas. “FUSION continues to run clear and free of scale after a year of operation whereas electric immersions at the same location can be reduced to scrap in a matter of weeks,” Bill observes.

For those wishing to futureproof a specification, the FUSION-E systems can also be supplied with a twin-coil ATST cylinder as an alternative to the ATSI. Prebuilt pipework provides connection for the electric boiler to the lower coil in this case. The addition of a heat pump later can therefore be supported with a new pipework kit and controls upgrading the system to a FUSION-T specification.

For commercial organisations with both small or larger sink-led hot water demands, taller buildings with basement plant rooms or operations that rely on 24/7 hot water supply Adveco FUSION provides the most comprehensive response available today.

2 May 2024


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