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A new user interface Evolution of the CAREL pGD family displays, this new version, pGD EXPERIENCE or pGDX for short, has been designed to offer an improved user experience. Combining aesthetics and performance, user simplicity and consistency with the past, everything on this display has been conceived to simplify access to the available information.

pGDX is the only touchscreen display that can be used to upgrade HVAC/R units designed for use with the pGD1 without needing to modify the wiring, mounting arrangement or software.

Many current HVAC/R applications often require upgrades to the user interface, in order to convey a sense of technological innovation to the unit, while minimising the investment costs needed to redesign the unit.

Our range of HMIs includes products with limited functions that are unable to meet these needs (pGD1), or that can only meet them partly, with limits in terms of dimensions and costs (pGDTouch 4.3”). 

The response to these current needs is pGD EXPERIENCE, abbreviated to pGDX, a new 4.3” touchscreen display and the evolution of the CAREL pGD family displays. Combining aesthetics and performance, user simplicity and consistency with the past, everything on this display has been conceived to simplify access to the available information.

pGDX has been developed to meet our customers’ needs, with innovative functions that are not available on other user interfaces currently on the market. pGDX can moreover be easily integrated into CAREL systems, fully exploiting interaction between the different components.

The main features that make this new product stand out from other displays are the mechanical connections and wiring: maintaining the same dimensions and types of connections allows simple and fast replacement of the pGD1. 

pGDX also comes with other features that make it unique in the 4.3” display segment, as well as easy to install, program and use. Information can in fact be accessed in different ways: 

- Via a programming tool, c.touch, with new functions yet at the same time that fully integrates the interfaces developed for the previous generation of pGDTouch displays. 

- Via a LED bar with 8 different colour variations for notifications. At any time, and without needing to move close to the display, users can clearly identify unit status. Each colour is associated with a different state or alarm, allowing the user interface to “speak” visually, even when the display is in standby. 

- The built-in temperature and humidity probe can share the values read both with the display and the connected controller. This new feature brings concrete benefits for the room terminal solution: just one device, rather than two, can be installed to access the functions of both instruments.

- Via a USB port on the front, concealed behind the faceplate, for easier access without requiring special tools.


03 May 2017

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