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Lindab Airy - The Air Valve With Unlimited Possibilities.

An innovative new product from Lindab – A designer air valve with superior sound power levels

Lindab Airy is an effective ventilation valve which makes it possible for property owners to give their decor a lift and at the same time create a better indoor climate. The valve, which has an almost silent airflow, is quick and easy to install in existing and new systems.

- The only visible parts in residential ventilation systems are the valves. So why not make them an exciting part of the decor? That was our starting point when we developed Lindab Airy. The fact that we at the same time created a truly effective valve with a superb sound power level made matters even better, says Concept Manager Jan Hesel.

Lindab Airy consists of a body which is available in three standard sizes. It’s easy to mount in the ventilation duct and the valve front is quickly clicked into position. The front panels come in five different shapes and are available in any color, metal or with a raw surface which can then, for example, be wall papered.

- It provides endless design possibilities. Simply put, to each their own, says Jan Hesel.

Low sound levels are key to any ventilation system. Therefore the sound power level value was an important part of the development process. When Lindab Airy was tested in Lindab's sound lab, the results were beyond expectations.

- Of all ventilation valves I have studied, there is nothing that is in the vicinity of Lindab Airys sound values. We can thank our patent-pending noise filters for that, says Göran Hultmark, R&D Manager at Lindab Indoor Climate Solutions and adjunct professor at SBi, Aalborg University.

For more information, please visit www.lindab.co.uk/airy

23 July 2014

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