Air Intake Filter Screens

Saving money. Saving Energy. Saving Labour. The RABScreen air intake screen is available with multiple mounting options including the patented wrap around and MagnaMount. Recently tested by Airedale they were found to provide great filtration with a minimal effect on performance.

The industry standard air intake filter screen

Easily installed to all air movement plant, the washable RABScreen will reduce the impact of airborne debris and start saving you money immediately.

  • Save energy by reducing the clogging effect of debris.
  • Save labour by reducing cleaning & chemical use.
  • Save money by extending your disposable filter life.
  • Typical ROI less than 6 months.

Call 0800 999 5750 to find out how you can be saving money with the RABScreen air intake filter screen. 

Easy to fit, easy to clean and easy on the pocket. Beware expensive and low quality alternatives.

Multiple mounting options with new systems being developed all of the time. 

An external and washable filter with a guaranteed lifespan of more than 10 years. 

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